Life Equals Pleasure

A series of truths you need to read

Michelle Devillers
2 min readOct 8, 2021



The smell of a fresh brewed coffee in the morning

Your favorite family sitcom

An illustrious 18th century French artists’ exhibit

Breathing in the fall air on a Saturday morning stroll through the park

I wanted to touch on this imagery for today’s topic because we all too often overlook our ecstasies as taking advantage of our senses. Like who do we think we are?? PLEASURES PEOPLE! They’re all around us everyday, yet we live life in the fast lane…and like, for what?

Let’s talk about life shall we? The part of life that we can easily forget. The simplest form of our existence that slides through the mundane cracks of habitual autopilot.

It’s enough to as easily forget we are loving a human experience but I draw the line at forgetting to enjoy our time here! It may seem like we “need” to fill a boss somehow but the fact of the matter is, we are creating that void by forgetting to enjoy all life’s pleasures. Because truthfully, Life = Pleasure.

Now I’m sure you have all heard the saying “Stop and smell the roses”, but in this case, we’re going to actually want to! Roses are life itself and something so physically tangible that we can use all of our senses to enjoy it!

How amazing is that?

Let’s challenge ourselves this week! Switch up how you see the world little by little.

Can you begin to use your new sense of #awareness for a few minutes a day, to reap the rewards of “smelling the roses”?


It’ll take adjusting your receptive cornea to recognize what you were overlooking before. There’s not much work you’ll have to do though because, seriously, what gives you pleasure?

You probably already have several things that come to mind because intuitively you know, you only need pleasure to survive.

Bold statement. I know. But seriously!

Next time you consider taking a hot bath or shower, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

As for now, I’ll leave you with this my friend,

what would life be like without pleasure?

With love, I write,

Michelle D🤍




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